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Home Rider Invasion 2018 is May 4 – 6 in New York – Come Join the Party

Peloton Home Rider Invasion – May 4 -6, 2018

Peloton’s 2018 Home Rider Invasion (HRI) is May 4 – 6 at the studio in Chelsea, New York.  If you are not familiar with Peloton, please visit I am not an employee of Peloton, although I am a Peloton enthusiast, promoting it to all of my family and friends since buying the home spinning bike back in December 2015. Last year’s HRI was awesome, and I’m confident that this year will blow last year out of the water.  The instructors are awesome, and meeting them last year including the founder John Foley, was a complete blast and pleasure. As a stage IV HPV tonsil cancer survivor, Peloton has given me the vehicle to get back into shape, to hopefully inspire and encourage others battling cancer, and survivors to stay focused on living their new normal, and to have a fun while doing so. Best of all, my Peloton spinning bike is located in my house, so weather and time getting to a gym are never an issue or potential excuse for not working out. Although, just to be clear, I am not a guy who ever makes excuses. As well, you can take live classes online or take them on demand – There is something for everyone – Whether you are getting back into shape, losing weight, just an athlete who loves to work out, or like me all of those people, plus a married father of three and a cancer survivor hoping to make a difference, you should check this out.

Here is a link to the blog I wrote last year about HRI 2017. I loved it, and have great friends joining me this year to experience the awesomeness and energy! 

Please share this blog with your friends, family and co-workers – You never know who will benefit from all that Peloton can provide! It might just be the community that enables others to live a healthier better more fulfilling life. I believe it is doing that for me.

Ride One – Love Life – Get Healther

Check out HRI 2018 – Come Join Us! Information is being released tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.