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Home Rider Invasion 2018 is May 4 – 6 in New York – Come Join the Party

Peloton’s 2018 Home Rider Invasion (HRI) is May 4 – 6 at the studio in Chelsea, New York.  If you are not familiar with Peloton, please visit I am not an employee of Peloton, although I am a Peloton enthusiast, promoting it to all of my family and friends since buying the home spinning bike back in December 2015. Last year’s HRI was awesome, and I’m confident that this year will blow last year out of the water. 

Dr. David Diamond – My radiation oncologist & friend

Dr. David Diamond is my radiation oncologist and my friend. He is smart, very well respected and  has tremendous bedside manner. Back in May 2014 when I was initially diagnosed with HPV-related tonsil cancer, also knows as squamous cell carcinoma and oropharyngeal cancer, he was one of my first phone calls after calling my family. It was an emotional call for me, as I was reaching out to a doctor I knew from social events to share that I was likely becoming his patient. My life would now be in his hands.

Write Down Your Questions Before Meeting with Your Physician

This blog will be short, sweet and to the point. As I deal with those diagnosed with HPV-related oral cancer, many appreciate this simple suggestion: “Write down you questions ahead of time. Type them up and print them or type them into your Notes app on your cell phone.”