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Survivors, Patients, & Caregivers

Last Treatment - Ringing the Bell

By watching others ring the bell, I hope you are motivated to finish your last chemo and radiation treatment and do the same. The bell represents the sound of victory, you have crossed the finish line, it won’t be long before you are living your new normal, and enjoying life again. I hope this creates a wave of excitement, positivity and enthusiasm which inspires you to continue fighting, while focusing on the future. 

Jason and wife, Ronni, going to biopsy appointment
Jason Mendelsohn and wife selfie in front of 'I'm a Cancervivor" banner

Ronni - My Wife & Caregiver

My wife Ronni was my primary caregiver. She was awesome. A true rock star.  Ronni provided me with the love and support I needed to make it through each day, while at the same time, shielding our three kids from the scary thought that their father had cancer and may not survive. She took care of me, while keeping our three kid’s lives as normal as possible. For that, I will forever be grateful. 

Words from Survivors, Patients, & Caregivers:

Life After Cancer

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Jason Mendelsohn - SupermanHPV group photo
Jason Mendelsohn family photo. Jason, his daughter, wife, and 2 sons

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