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Appearances on ...

Media Storm w/ Alix Fox

2.6 STIs: We need to talk about men and HPV - with Alix Fox

The Neil Haley Show

Today on The Neil Haley Show, Neil will interview Jason Mendelsohn of Superman HPV.

Life of Dad - The Lunch Break Show

Art Eddy brings on Jason Mendelsohn to talk about his fight against Stage IV HPV Throat Cancer.

Get the Funk Out!

Janeane speaks with Jason Mendelsohn about his incredible cancer story.

Outlander Exclusive: Interview with Jason Mendelson

Lance sits down with cancer survivor and Ambassador of the Head & Neck Cancer Alliance, Jason Mendelsohn.

Empowering Family caregivers

eCareDiary will speak to Jason Mendelsohn, Stage IV HPV Tonsil Cancer Survivor and Founder of, about symptoms and treatment associated with his cancer and crucial facts about the vaccines.