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Write Down Your Questions Before Meeting with Your Physician

Write Down Your Questions Ahead of Time – Do NOT Let your Doctor Leave the room without getting your questions answered.

This blog will be short, sweet and to the point. As I deal with those diagnosed with HPV-related oral cancer, many appreciate this simple suggestion: “Write down you questions ahead of time. Type them up and print them or type them into your Notes app on your cell phone.” 

I came to each appointment with a list of questions which I had typed into my Notes app on my cell. I learned this through trial and error, and hope to save you that painful experience of leaving your doctor’s office and as soon as you get to your car or worse, pull into your driveway at home, you think of a question or two that you meant to ask when meeting with your physician.

Before writing down my questions ahead of time, I would go to my appointments with questions in my head, get wrapped up with what we were discussing, then finally after the doctor left the room remember what I meant to ask. This was frustrating and a waste of time for everyone.

Be prepared for each appointment. When questions arise at home, write/type them into one place so you can obtain the answers either by calling the office or during your next appointment.

Being well organized is the key to success when meeting with multiple physicians throughout treatment. Obviously, staying positive and being tough, while realizing that it’s all temporary is also extremely important while battling cancer.

Best of luck, and please remember Write Down Your Questions Ahead of Time!

Thank you for listening. Let me know if this helps.