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Dr. David Diamond – My radiation oncologist & friend

Dr. David Diamond – Awesome Radiation Oncologist & Friend – He Saved My Life

Dr. David Diamond is my radiation oncologist and my friend. He is smart, very well respected and  has tremendous bedside manner. Back in May 2014 when I was initially diagnosed with stage IV HPV-related tonsil cancer, also knows as squamous cell carcinoma and oropharyngeal cancer, he was one of my first phone calls after calling my family. It was an emotional call for me, as I was reaching out to a doctor I knew from social events to share that I was likely becoming his patient. My life would now be in his hands.

Dr. Diamond and team have always been caring, kind and professional, as they understand how scary both cancer and radiation can be for most patients. They are the best of the best. They have invested in the most current equipment for treating patients and are highly skilled and proficient in the most effective methods for treating cancer, which in turn provided me confidence that I would beat cancer and be here for my wife and kids longterm. 

If you are looking for a radiation oncologist that you can trust, who has awesome people skills, who cares about his patients, and is highly intelligent, than David Diamond is who you should contact. Similarly, if you are in need of a second opinion, I would trust Dr. Diamond.

Please visit his website to learn more about Dr. Diamond’s practice including his awesome staff and their cutting edge technology:

Many patients and caregivers have asked about my specific treatment so I reached out to Dr. Diamond, and he provided me with the following: 

Per your request, I’ve pulled your chart and here are the technical details of your treatment…

You had a PS IVA, T1N2bM0, grade 2 squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsil, HPV related. You underwent transpolar robotic radical tonsillectomy and selective neck dissection on 5/13/14 with the finding of negative surgical margins and 2/41 involved cervical lymph nodes.

You then received radiation therapy and concurrent cisplatin chemo.


The PTV1, defined as the primary tumor site, bilateral necks, and right SCV fossa, received 5040 cGy/28 fractions.

The PTV2, defined as the primary tumor site and involved area of the right neck, was then boosted an additional 900 cGy/5 fractions.

As such, the total dose was 5940 cGy in 33 fractions, delivered 6/25-8/11/2014.

Radiation therapy was delivered using IMRT/IGRT techniques for maximal sparing of the parotid glands with 6 MV photons on a Varian Trilogy LINAC (linear accelerator) system.

IMRT=intensity modulated radiation therapy

IGRT=image guided radiation therapy

I hope this was interesting and helpful. 

If you have any questions or simply want to reach out, please do.

Thank you,