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Rise Up by Andra Day – Brought Tears To My Eyes Today

The song Rise Up by Andra Day brought tears to my eyes today when driving home from picking up bagels for my wife and kids. That may seem like a strange thing for me to share or too personal, however over the past five years it has happened many times with various different songs & experiences. This coming Wednesday, May 8th will be five years from the day I had my CT scan just before being diagnosed with HPV tonsil cancer. This Thursday will be five years from my needle biopsy. Sunday, May 12th was the day that I found out that I had HPV tonsil cancer.

The song Rise Up reminds me how important it is to Fight to be Positive when Battling Cancer, to Fight to Believe in Beating Cancer and to Fight for all the people you Love and all that you want to accomplish in Life. The song reminds me of how drained and weak I felt both emotionally and physically, and Why it is important to Rise Up in times of desperation and sadness.

While driving home today, similar to watching my kids play a sport, listening to my son play the violin, watching my kids play tennis and seeing my wife laughing with our kids, I remember the feelings I had just five years ago, wondering about the future. Would I be around to experience my wife and kids growing older?

The song Rise Up is a fight song, a call to action, that You Too can Beat Cancer or any adversity in your life, and Live for Another Day. You Too can Make a Difference, and Impact Others.

For those of you recently diagnosed, currently going through treatment or survivors where the memory of cancer sits quietly in the back of your mind – Remember to Rise Up – You Can Beat Cancer – enjoy today, find something positive about each day, cherish the little things and most importantly – Let the people around you know that You Love Them, that You Believe in Them, and that You are Proud of Them.

You do make a difference, You are special, and You will accomplish great things in Life!!! Now go make it happen.

Enjoy the song:

“Rise Up” by Andra Day, from the album ‘Cheers to the Fall’ available now.

For those of you Battling – It’s All Temporary & I Believe in You. You Can Beat Cancer like many before you.

Please reach out to me if you want to chat or need support.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog.

Jason Mendelsohn aka SupermanHPV