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Be Happy – This Decision Will Change Your Future & Make Every Day Better

Being diagnosed with cancer at first can be scary, depressing and even debilitating. Deciding to be Happy, Will Make Everyday Better. Please note that I said Better, not perfect. I know this first hand, as I was diagnosed with HPV tonsil cancer in May 2014. When I was first diagnosed, I scoured the internet searching for information about HPV Tonsil cancer (aka oropharyngeal cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer) and almost immediately I became even more worried. Back then, almost everything I read was depressing. All conversations and articles focused on the challenges with treatment and the disease. There was virtually nothing focused on how to beat HPV related tonsil cancer while Living A Happy Life & Enjoying Each Day, and how life would be Awesome Afterwards. I wanted hope, and virtually nothing I read provided it to me. That was my primary reason for launching in 2017.