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NBC Nightly News Lester Holt – A Silent Epidemic …… by Maggie Fox – Senior Writer

This has been an awesome week for HPV awareness. I must thank Maggie Fox, Senior Writer for NBC News for contacting me on Monday evening asking if she could interview me regarding my stage IV HPV-related oral cancer story. Maggie learned about my journey by reviewing my website which I launched in September to serve as inspiration and information for people diagnosed with HPV-related oral cancer. As a cancer survivor, I decided to use my experience to help others faced with my same diagnosis.

Maggie shared that she was writing an article about HPV, and that the article would be released on Tuesday. When the story went live, I received approximately twelve emails from people all over the country reaching out to ask me questions about my story, and sharing their personal experience with HPV-related oral cancer. I have received hundreds of comments since then, many via Facebook and at

When I emailed Maggie about the number of inquiries, she shared that over 500,000 people had read the article, and that I may be getting a call from NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. The next morning as I was leaving for a business trip, having just arrived at the Orlando airport, my cell phone rang and it was NBC Nightly News, asking if they could interview me in my home within the next few hours. I moved my flight to later that day, and returned home. I immediately called my wife, Ronni, who performed like a rock star. She rushed home, got everything ready, and we were set for the interview.

I was thrilled, as my entire purpose for going public with my cancer story several years ago was to promote awareness regarding HPV-related oral cancer and to ultimately save lives. I also wanted parents to understand that the HPV vaccine is intended for boys and girls, not just girls, and that they should get the opinion of their kid’s pediatrician regarding the vaccine. As I am not a doctor, I always suggest parents speak with their kid’s pediatricians, rather than simply take the advice of people on social media platforms such as Facebook. 

Please review the attached and share with everyone you know. You never know who it will impact.

I appreciate your support and hope this blog and website positively impact people world wide.

Thank you


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