6 Reasons to Get HPV Vaccine for Your Child

1. HPV is a common virus that infects men and women.
80% of people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime.
Most HPV infections will go away on their own. Infections that don’t go away can cause precancers and cancers.

2. HPV vaccination works.
Infections with HPV types that cause most HPV cancers and genital warts have dropped 71 percent among teen girls.

3. HPV vaccination prevents cancer.
More than 29,000 cases of cancers each year could be prevented with HPV vaccination.
Same as the average attendance for a baseball game.

4. Preventing cancer is better than treating cancer.
HPV infections can cause many types of cancer, but there is only cervical cancer screening.
HPV vaccination is prevention for the other types of cancer caused by HPV infections.

5. Your child can get the HPV vaccine when they receive the other preteen vaccines.
Three vaccines are recommended for 11-12 year olds to protect against the infections that can cause meningitis, HPV cancers, and whooping cough.

6. Preventing cancer is easier than ever before
Data now shows 2 doses of HPV vaccine provide similar protection to 3 doses, when given before the 15th birthday.

6 OUT OF 10 parents are choosing to get the HPV vaccine for their children.
Talk to your child’s doctor about HPV cancer prevention at ages 11-12