Words of Inspiration

“Hello! Just wanted to reach out and say hi. I visited your website today and it looks great! I didn’t have much time to really look at everything, but I know it’s a great resource. I don’t remember the last thing I updated you on. But my dad had surgery last November to remove the rest of the cancer in his throat that chemo and radiation didn’t get. The first thing he said when he was getting fitted for his radiation mask was “take care of me, I have grandkids I haven’t met yet” and that was in May. At the end of September I found out I was pregnant. What a blessing that he fought so hard through everything and is now around to be a grandpa to his first grandchild. And he’s the best grandpa to my little girl. I’m so grateful that I answered your phone call that day, cuz it probably saved my dad’s life, as well as my whole family. I hope all is well with you!”

Taylour B - Utah

“I would like to personally thank you for reaching out to me back in November, 2015 when I was initially diagnosed with Stage IV HPV Tonsil cancer.  As you well know, that was a time that was alarming and your thoughts immediately go to the worst possibly outcome, death.  Honestly, I had never even heard of this type of cancer prior to the doctor telling me my diagnosis.  Speaking with you that day and the days after gave me a tremendous amount of strength at the time I needed it.  I now find myself making the same calls, attempting to give hope and strength to other cancer warriors.  I wish you and your family nothing but the best and again, thank you.”
— Tony C. - California
“Jason was an amazing source of support when my best friend was diagnosed with stage IV HPV related throat cancer in November 2015. His story gave us hope when we needed it. His knowledge, compassion and willingness to share his personal journey helped us get through a very scary time. Jason was there to listen to our fears or offer advice and I am forever grateful.”
— Julie B. - Michigan