As I share my story, I have been fortunate to meet other survivors who have battled oral cancer. Each person I have met offers Words of Wisdom that will provide strength to those currently fighting to survive and/or struggling with their diagnosis.

Gary L. - Pennsylvania

Words of wisdom to help others:

 1)      Process the diagnosis its ok to be scared and upset at first. Those are normal feelings to have.

2)      STAY OFF THE INTERNET, it will just drive you crazy. The message boards and self-diagnosing are not your friends.

3)      Get your mind right (stay Positive)  Prayer, stubbornness, & humor helped me stay focused on the positive. 

4)      Talk to someone who’s been there. I spoke to a guy who had just finished treatment before I started. I felt tons better after our talk.

5)      Start healthy habits the heathier you are going into treatment the better off you will be. 

6)      Make sure you have a strong support system in place. 

7)      Keep busy, I worked through treatment and having that outlet was a welcomed distraction.

8)      The last thing I want you to know is that you will be ok. You will get through this Be strong and  fight hard.


Jim M. From New York

Jim shared his seven goals that enabled him with belief set - managing state:

  1. Beat it

  2. Minimize impact to family

  3. Maintain mental clarity

  4. Maintain physical fitness

  5. Deeper sense of appreciation for what really matters

  6. Work straight through

  7. Improve performance

Bill G. from Connecticut

Bill shared the following with me on Facebook: 

"Pet scan news today my friend. There's another stage 4 throat cancer survivor in the house! I told my docs about you today and all you are doing and I offered to do anything I can to support the docs and hospital that saved my life. Gave out lots of hugs today. Tracked down all of my docs, nurses and radiation techs. I asked the techs how often they see a stage 4 get clean results. I was shocked to hear they rarely hear from patients. Blew me away. How do you not thank the people that saved your life?"